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      Welcome to Tealess’s Trimshop

      Custom Bike Seats

      Custom Car Seats

      Other Upholstery

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      most played call of duty right now

      Paul?been trimming since 1976 and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of coach-trimming, but now he has?turned his?attention to making custom seats. If you have an idea for your custom seat Paul will try his hardest to meet your expectations.?Paul also makes and fits head-linings, fitted carpets in vehicles, custom vehicle seats, other custom seats sun visors and he does sunroof repairs.

      Paul has also made some beautiful seats for Lucky Buck’s Custom Cycles that have been very successful in International Shows.

      Each seat is?priced individually depending on complexity of the design, materials used and length of labour. Paul will also work with you and use?your own ideas and turn them into a custom design specially produced for you and your pride and joy.

      All seats made in Leather or?man-made fibre. Both materials are available in a wide range of colours and grains.?Paul has also made seats from materials bought in by customers. You can see Paul’s work in his seat gallery.

      If you would like to contact Paul about a custom seat, or have any query at all,?please call 07748 186862 or email tealess



      The 'Mantis' custom seat was made for Lucky Buck Cycles and the 'Mantis' bike has been shown in all the major European Shows and is an AMD World Championship Series Award Winner.

      The Mantis

      This is a seat that Paul made for a custom bike to suit the new Lucky Buck Blue and White Theme we had chosen for it. It fitted in exactly with the style and colour of the new look and the customer was really happy with it.

      Lucky Buck Customs

      Paul built my new Red Indian custom seat and then embroidered it with a Red Indian Theme. I had this made for a customised Yamaha DragStar and I love it. Paul could understand and visualise exactly what I wanted!

      Red Indian Theme

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      Custom Seat Material

      All seats can be made in Leather or?custom seat material like?the ?man-made fibre reptile skin types below. All custom seat material?is?available in a wide range of colours, styles and grains. In fact, Paul has even covered a seat in denim cut from a client’s jacket so the options are endless.

      All the materials used by Paul are top quality and waterproof to withstand all the weather this country can throw at you when you are out and about on your bike. There are even more choices for vehicle interiors and head linings and we have only shown the different types of man-made skins we have available. Paul will always consider any material that you have and advise you whether or not it is suitable for your seat project.

      Please be aware that the colours displayed here are an approximation to the true colours. This is due to the way colours display differently on different computer monitors..

      Ostrich Skin Fabric

      Elephant Skin Fabric

      Snake Skin Fabric

      Crocodile Skin Fabric

      Social Links

      Custom Seat Workshop


      Tealess’s Custom Seat Workshop is where it all happens, whether Paul is making ?a custom bike seat, a?set of seats for a classic car or replacing door panels! The variety of options for materials is endless and there is always the right skin for every project, however large or small, from genuine leather to a large range of man-made skins in a massive variety of colours, styles and grains for you to choose from.

      Paul will be happy to advise you on the best material for your design. You can see photographs of many of the projects that Paul has designed and worked on recently in his photo gallery, and close-ups of his work here in his seat gallery.

      You can contact Paul for friendly, helpful advice at any time from this contact form.



      Please use this form?to contact Paul. If you have any queries Paul will always be happy to give you friendly, helpful advice.

      You can email your ideas or designs to him and he will help you turn them into the perfect seat for your project. As well as making custom seats, ?Paul also makes and fits head-linings, fitted carpets in vehicles, custom vehicle seats, other custom seats, sun visors and he does sunroof repairs. As well as all this Paul is always up to a new challenge!

      You can see some of the projects that Paul has designed and built seats for in the photo gallery, and if you go to the most played call of duty right now?you can see close-ups of Paul’s seats.

      27 Heather Ave, Peterboro, Cambs.?PE1 3XN

      Phone: 01733 313692

      Mobile: 07748 186862, 07789601230

      Contact Form

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